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My focus is good vibes and some videos.

Check out my work, check out my prices, check me out, I'm sure there's something you don't like.

Welcome to

The Next Level of Wedding Videography

Ashes to Phoenix Films

Ashes to Phoenix Films

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Simply...peer  Grace and Fullfilled

-Some Guy

Meet the Team


The Videographer

Honestly I'm just some guy.  I don't need you're wedding.  Trust me, it was meant to be a threesome, God, the whole bride, and some guy with a camera.  

  ..."Have you seen my riches?"...  

I'll try to show up with something better than an iPhone.  Just be thankful I do show up...


I guess the words don't really matter, eh?

Just make sure to watch my whole video...if i deliver it 

-Some Guy  



Second Shooter​

  • Jewish

  • Craps all over this world

  • I don't read what I sign

  • Out here looking for a challenge

  • Single but never alone

  • I bring what I need...And I take what I want



The Assistant

  • Nothing is a belief in something.


Owner/Drone Coverage



The Driver

  • We might get there alive...

  • If not, just be ready for paradise then.

-Some Guy

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The Whole Bride


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8 Hours Coverage: 

2-3 minute Highlight

10 Hours Coverage:

12 Hours Coverage: 

8 minute Story Driven Film

2-3 minute Highlight

2-3 minute Highlight

10 minute Story Driven Film

12 minute Story Driven Film

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