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Frank and Lindsey's Wedding Highlight in Cape May, NJ


I'm back at the beach with Frank and Lindsey, and this couple knows how to rock the shore! Cape May is tucked all the way at the end of New Jersey, and this beach was wide open which made it a perfect mirror for the all too gorgeous sunset.

The day started with some getting ready shots at the Grand Hotel of Cape May. There was such excitement in the air as the day started. Everyone was in a fun mood, cause honestly this couple is just fun to be around! We traded a bunch of laughs as we spent the day together.

After their tucked away first look and intimate wedding ceremony, we snuck out of the reception and walked the beach. That sunset can only be described by watching the video. The colors reflecting off the water and wet sand were magical. I got so distracted by the beauty of the beach, I didn't want to leave! I almost feel I can't give this lovely couple justice for their amazing wedding day, but here's their highlight!


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