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Ramapo Reservation, Mahwah, NJ | Mackenzie and Miles

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Mackenzie and Miles are all about the outdoors. This couple hikes everywhere! As soon as we scheduled their wedding date, Jessah and I knew we had to plan an engagement session that spoke to their interests and love. Off we went to Ramapo Reservation.

This reservation in Mahwah is an old friend to me, I used to hike all over there when I was in high school and college. There are so many places to see here, and I thoroughly enjoy every chance I get to go back here. While we could have taken them all over to the waterfall, the reservoir, and the lookout cliff, we all decided to keep it simple. As much as we love the scenery, we're here to showcase their love first and foremost.

We had no problems starting the session off. Sure it was a bit cold, but Jessah and I are always up for shooting outdoors, and luckily so were Miles and Mackenzie. The backdrop consisted of a wintery woods that provided perfect contrast to their outfits. The thing I loved most about their outfits, were that they were cute and functional. After all...we're out here hiking!

I know Jessah and I were very happy to truly capture this couple in their natural moments. This is what we want, you and your love in your "natural habitat".


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