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Small World Coffee, Princeton, NJ

I loved every minute of this session. I can't say it enough that there never seems to be enough time with a couple. Connor and Saori's idea to have their first part of their engagement photo and video shoot in Small World Coffee, which was the place they had their first date, was humbling. It was amazing to see this couple reminded of where their love first began.

I got to speak to the couple a little bit after the shoot, and their passion for each other is very evident. They joked about how Connor asked her to a coffee date at night, and Saori just ordered water because she knew it would keep her up all night. Although, she admitted, the reason she said yes to the late coffee date, was because she wanted a date with Connor!!!

After our coffee stop, we walked through a gorgeous garden where the sun just peeked through the branches of the trees. Despite having to battle some bugs to get our fair share of the greenery, there was nothing that could keep this couple from laughing and enjoying the session the whole time. The best sessions are when couples have a fun time, because I undoubtedly know I will have some awesome footage to work with!


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