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The Estate at Eagle Lake, Chesterfield, NJ Wedding| Veronica & Patrick

This wedding at the Estate at Eagle Lake in Chesterfield, NJ was one to be remembered. Veronica and Patrick were all laughs and smiles together, just like how they were at their engagement session. It seems like but a few months ago that we were shooting with them, even though its been much longer. Time flies by when preparing for a wedding!

Jessah was shooting lead photo with Rachel on second for us. It was a sunny day, although not so hot. We had a nice cool breeze by the lake, so we were happy to spend time outside shooting. Veronica and Patrick had a private vow reading which was so cute. We were shooting a bit from a far while they had their intimate first look. Both were emotional reading their vows, you could see it in their eyes for each other.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and the reception, memorable. We snuck away for some shots in front of the sun before it got dark. The dock was made for two lovers walking hand in hand. I won't soon forget this fun and carefree couple walking together like not another soul was in their world.

Love was there, was it perfect? You'll just have to watch the video.


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