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Beach at Lavallette, NJ | Rachel and Erick's Engagement Session

Rachel and Erick invited us down by their beach house in Lavallette NJ. Everything we could have hoped for we had in this session. A beautiful beach, warm sand, and laughs between friends...Jessah and I were very happy to finally meet this couple.

This session felt like a vacation! Sure, we try to make sure we do our job, but having fun while you're doing it is what it's all about. I loved that this couple incorporated fishing into their photos and video. It's a pleasure to capture people doing what they love.

At one point Erick handed me his fishing pole, and I handed him my video equipment, and we traded spots. Loved this, this guy seemed so wholesome. I even used some of his footage in the video that he shot of me. Always fun to be making friends as we work together. Good times are coming!



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