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Bear Brook Valley, Newton NJ | Tasha and Rich's Wedding

This wedding was something special for Jessah and I. Tasha was a friend of ours from high school that we loved reconnecting with. Tasha and Rich are not only a handsome looking couple, they are fun and bubbly to be around.

The stage was set at Bear Brook Valley, and it didn't disappoint. The grounds were beautiful, especially the vineyard. We got to check out their awesome little yellow car for escorting newlyweds around. No racing around the grounds, but perhaps one day we'll put the pedal to the metal on that thing.🤪

The ceremony was set outside right in front of their pond. Lots of family and friends were there to celebrate the day, and we even got everyone together for a big group shot. Although tough to get everyone together at a wedding, I'm a fan of including everyone on these special days. The night we danced away and finished strong. It's another wedding over, but another love story starting. Good times are just starting!



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