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Brittany and Brandon's Wedding at Pierre's of South Brunswick, NJ

Brittany and Brandon were so much fun. This couple was up for anything. They thanked us so much for shooting their wedding, but honestly it feels so weird to get thanked for doing something that you love to do. As usual, there's just never enough time to capture everything I wish I could. Thankfully this couple was super chill, and full of laughs. Joking around and enjoying your wedding day is the best way to get good photos and video.

Honestly, couples tell Jessah (Photographer) and I all the time that we were great, but the whole day is centered around them! If the couple isn't having a good time, it doesn't matter how many artistic shots I can come up with. Tense, posed shots, don't feel natural, so they don't look natural!

Brittany and Brandon though, they didn't need us to say a thing. They were off having a great time with friends, family, and of course each other. Couples that have fun, love their photos and videos. It's not nearly as much about us as photographers and videographers, as it is about them! (Not to say I don't aim the camera in the right direction and add a touch of the Phoenix magic to give them something a little special to remember their day by.) Cheers to the newly weds, long live love!


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