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By the ocean front in Ship Bottom, NJ | Maria and Ken's Engagement Session

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

This engagement session was truly something unique. We spent time with Maria and Ken at their warm home, and we felt like old friends. It was very special to spend time with them at their house. It was a bit cold outside, so we didn't go to the beach with them.

We did pop outside on the deck, and this couple really seemed like they didn't need us there. Jessah and I were capturing all the moments between them and between their lovely dogs. Ozzy and Cindy - Lou were so cute, and while I tried to get shots of them with Maria and Ken, I was only scratching the surface of the fun they seem to have together.

We often try to let people's personalities shine through our work. Of course we give some prompts, and we have a bit of a plan, but the talent comes out in letting the work speak for itself.




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