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Chelsea and Travis's Wedding Film!

This wedding was gorgeous. To the loving looks between the bride and groom, bubble machines, and awesome dance moves, it was a day well worth filming. I always love when we don't have to rush through the getting ready shots of the wedding day. Honestly, there is so much story to tell in the beginning of the wedding day, sometimes it seems like the most important part of the day.

Jessah Rose (photographer) set up a beautiful flat lay of all the sentimental details from the wedding. The color pallet between the invitations, flowers, and the other details was a light and airy blue, cream, and white. This dreamy combination looked so elegant..

The bride and groom finished their wedding ceremony with a shared beer shot! This was a great way to start off the partying, and after walking through a wall of floating bubbles, that's exactly what everyone did!


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