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Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY Wedding | Lianna & Alex

Jessah and I were waiting for this wedding day for a while. I think we were all a bit nervous in the morning. Speaking with both Lianna and Alex separately during the getting ready portion of the day, they both expressed their favorite part they were looking forward to was the first look.

There was a splash of rain just for a minute, but the clouds passed by pretty quick. We all headed over to the first look location by a small bridge near a little river. The greenery in the forest was splendid, with moss covering the small pathways that surrounded the area. Full Moon Resort truly has beautiful grounds. We hope to some day return to this venue soon.

By the time we got to the reception, I think everyone was a bit loosened up. The DJ was on point. This reception room was completely lit up with tons of lighting, and people were all over the dance floor. The night just seemed to keep rolling. By the time our team was wrapping up, Lianna and Alex were changed into some more comfortable wear, and were ready for an after party to keep the celebration going. We appreciate this type of energy, and it is a wedding not soon forgotten.

Love was there, was it perfect? You'll just have to watch the video.

Venue: @fullmoonresort

Florist: @earthyeleganceflorals

Hair: @jennifer_victoria_beauty

Makeup: @beccaquicksell

Dj: @djrachellynch

Planner: Marissa Stone

Officiant: Leslie Friedlander

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