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In-home Engagement Session in NYC, NY | Lianna & Alex

This in home session in NYC was lovely. Lianna and Alex wanted to do a more casual and intimate shoot with Jessah and I. The view from their apartment was interesting with the skyline all filled with the beautiful city buildings. As we made ourselves at home together and started choosing different places to shoot, Lianna and Alex seemed to start to enjoy the session.

We did some shooting with their dog, and then moved to their kitchen. We figured out some posses together, as we laughed and talked throughout the session. Lianna and Alex were laughing and talking amongst themselves, and you could see they get along well together.

Soon they were rolling around on their bed as Jessah and I were having fun shooting with them. They had a cute countdown screen for their wedding day, which is coming up soon. We hope to have fun with them at their wedding day, as we hope to with all our couples.

Love was there, was it perfect? You'll just have to watch the video and you...have to choose.



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