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Hoboken NJ engagement session | Tasha and Rich

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

This session holds a very special place in my heart. Tasha and Rich were so much fun to hang with. We were practically finishing each other's sentences, quite literally. Our humor was so similar, it was like seeing old friends! In fact, Tasha is an old friend!

So Jessah (photographer), Tasha, and I all went to the same high school. NHRHS, it's been awhile. It was a class reunion for a second, and we loved it. Rich was by no means an odd man out. Maybe he didn't go to the same high school with us, but I can see he fit right in. Tasha and him are such a good match!

There's something special about meeting someone for the first time and immediately clicking. I was laughing half the session with Rich, a funny man...and a true gentleman. What a great mat

ch for Tasha, with her bubbly personality! These two were the essence of cuteness. It becomes difficult to concentrate on your work, when you're having so much fun! Only 2 hours for our session? ...Jessah and I knew we had to stay longer.

Hoboken is such a beautiful area. We started off our shoot right in the area that they proposed at. How cool to revisit the spot of your engagement! Tasha and Rich were glowing, you can see the love all over them. They brought their pupper, Winky. He was the cutest thing (not cuter than Benji, but I'll say as cute...).

Then we walked down the walkway right up to the water. I commuted for years into NYC, and the traffic and congestion is not my dream day no more. But from the Jersey side, that NYC skyline is something to behold. They dance and laughed along the water with the beautiful city backdrop.

What's awesome, was there were so few people there since it was the middle of the week. We had a day with a beautiful couple, and it was like we got it gifted to just the four of us. Jessah was loving the fact that we had the place practically to ourselves. We had them everywhere doing everything! It goes without saying that when you do a session with us, we're going to make you work.

Rich was up to the task. This man had his queen up in his arms lifted to the sky. He had her dipped almost down to the floor, wow... I got to step up my game. I could see Tasha was so happy with all these moments, and I could see that Rich was all smiles that she was having the time of her life.

Once we left the water, Tasha and Rich changed and we headed over to a little alley way. This is what Hoboken is about! It is a city, after all. That little bit of grunge and cobble stone streets brought to life the atmosphere of the area. We were losing light fast, but how can you rush through a session that's so perfect? Jessah was snapping away, and I knew this video was gold.

We were all freezing (most of all the couple since Jessah and I were bundled up), but it's just never enough time. Two hours goes by like a second when you're with friends. The sun finally set, and Jessah and I wrapped it up. The street lamps, and the Hoboken words. As we made our way back to our cars, we managed a last glimpse of the NYC skyline all lit up. All days God gives us are special, but this one felt just a little bit more.


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