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McLoone’s Pier House, Long Branch, NJ | Tonia and Brian's Wedding

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

McLoone’s Pier House was an awesome venue to be at. This wasn't a huge wedding with tons of people, but it had everything you could possibly wish for. We were getting ready with the ladies at the Bungalow Hotel, and of course it was a fun time.

Everyone was worried about the heat throughout the day, but I don't believe the photographer and the bride and groom could have had a better balance. We jumped outside for a bit for the first look and some portrait shots, and then jumped back into the a/c. We moved back and forth, and made use of the different buildings in the area.

Perfectly planned, the ceremony was pretty much right near sunset late in the day. This meant we had a cool breeze, and everyone was relaxed watching this couple make history. Tonia and Brian seemed like they just know how to have fun with each other. Brian was a bit over the heat as we were shooting, and I don't blame him, but I could tell he got into it. He was picking up Tonia and carrying her all around. Half of me wanted to jump into the ocean, but it'll have to wait till next time. Here's the highlight!



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