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Mounica and Joe's 2-Day Wedding!

This was just an amazing two day wedding. Mounica and Joe were married first at an Indian ceremony, and then the next day again at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn. When Mounica and Joe asked me to shoot both days for them, my attitude was that love is so precious, of course let's do it twice!!!

What a privilege to see two different families, two different cultures, and two different individuals mesh to one. There were differences in the ceremonies, but what I liked best was how Mounica and Joe didn't focus on the differences. Both of their days were focused on love. Families intermingled, wardrobes were expanded on both sides, and everyone was just there to show their support.

This is the perfect example of love transpiring all boundaries. I was in awe both days, and I'm very happy to have shot alongside Jessah Rose (always love working with the wife). Honestly, laughing with the guests and having a good time makes it so easy to get great footage. I hope my video can create a perfect combination of both days that is as beautiful as this couples love for each other!


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