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Sandy Hook, NJ Engagement Session!

This engagement session was heavenly at Sandy Hook, NJ. We met up early in the morning, and right as the morning drizzle was clearing we captured this beautiful love film. Frank had picked out this spot at the Sandy Hook beach, and he did great. It had everything at a beach you could hope for. I will definitely be recommending this particular spot to future couples. (You'll have to message me to find out exactly where!)

First we went by the tall grass, which was beautiful with the morning light. Frank and Lindsey picked out awesome complimentary outfits. Frank had the perfect set of shorts with anchors on them, and Lindsey had a lovely dress with her hair radiating! I could tell immediately we needed to take advantage of as much of the scenery as possible.

We took a long morning moving from the grass to the beach, to the rocks, and everything in between. Quickly becoming one of my favorite sessions so far, by the time we got to the Sandy Hook Lighthouse it felt like no matter how I pointed the camera I couldn't help but catch every magical moment between them. Their love is evident in the way they look at each other, and you can see that all throughout their film!


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