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South Mountain Reservation, NJ Engagement Session | Brianna & Seth

Brianna and Seth were a lovely couple that we finally had a chance to meet up with. We had a bit of trouble finding each other, but once we met up we started figuring out a spot together to shoot.

Our engagement session took place at the South Mountain Reservation. It was a beautiful day, although a bit sunny. They had their two pups there, and they were a riot. It's always fun when couples include their dogs in our sessions.

Brianna and Seth said they wanted to ease into the engagement session, because they weren't all too comfortable in front of a camera. They did awesome though. Every couple and every session is always different, so I think Jessah and I always try to approach things with a fresh view. I heard Jessah mention she smiles when she edits, because the couples are smiling. I would agree. When I edit sessions, including this one, it's good to see people smiling and enjoying their time together.



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