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Styled Shoot "Autumnal Glow" at the Drumore Mill, PA

This styled shoot Autumnal Glow was awesome! This is what I'm talking about. Sure I love the pastel colors for weddings, but what about all the other colors???!!?The reds, yellows, oranges, browns, the off whites...there is so much to work with! There is a reason that fall is the most beautiful season, the leaf colors! That's exactly what Autumnal Glow was capturing.

The couple, Julie and Erdwin, were the shinning example of patience and love. This couple was so patient throughout the day! Willing and happy to accommodate me with any shot, I was a bit beside myself trying to capture everything. Just look at their eyes! Look at how they look into each other's eyes. It is truly mesmerizing the love between these two!

Set at the Drumore Mill, it was a dreamy mix of a cozy home with endless breathtaking scenery. We shot there all day, and it could never do justice to this venue. There is so much detail everywhere! I was torn between trying to capture every bit of the venue, the waterfall, the styled shoot, and of course the couple!

Shout out to the wifey!!! Jessah Rose was in her glory with fall leaves and coffee. All the vendors did such hard work to make this dream of a day a reality! I can't ever get enough footage, and there isn't enough hard drive space to capture this beautiful shoot. Here we go with the highlight!

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