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The Bradford Estate, Hainesport, NJ | Shea and Tyler

Shea and Tyler's wedding was full of love, fun, and Autumn. This is what I'm talking about. We definitely need more fall centered weddings. The flowers she picked out were just as pretty as when the leaves change color. Look at them flowers, look at 'em!

This wedding had me wishing every wedding could be in Autumn. Did I mention it is my favorite season! It should be obvious by now. Something about this time of year that brings the best out of people, and that is surely something I notice. Weddings are always beautiful and always full of love, but somehow Autumn vibes give it that extra special spice.

Sure, we had a little rain, but that didn't stop this couple. They took it in stride, and continued right on enjoying every bit of their day. What a casual, down to earth couple, that just knew how to have a good time. No stress, no problems, just pure love. What am I supposed to do with all this good footage? Honestly, I could make ten different videos with all this raw footage (6 hours worth). I just might...

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