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The Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough NJ | Emily and Derek's Wedding

Emily and Derek have a special place in my heart. We were in touch long long before the wedding, and it was one I was looking forward to. It is always nice to finally meet couples and get to know them a bit. While the day is busy, I love the moments I get to spend with each throughout.

The venue was the Royce Brook Golf Club, and we had some really pretty lighting during the day. During the first look we had the sun peaking through the trees, and by the time we hit the ceremony it was literally golden hour. The sun rays setting along the blowing grasses was some of the most beautiful landscape footage I think I've ever captured.

Derek with his groomsmen were a riot just joking and laughing. It is always a pleasure to see people having a good time on their wedding day...instead of stressing out about their wedding day. Emily was all smiles, and I couldn't find a moment throughout the day she wasn't grinning.


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