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The Shore Club in Spring Lake NJ | Styled Shoot

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Jessah and I were blessed to run into so many talented people in the industry at this styled shoot. Hosted by The Shore Club in Spring Lake NJ, here is some footage from the day. Fabienne organized the shoot, and invited of us.

I've given Fabienne the nickname "the master of light". I have always loved natural light, because video struggles so much in low light situations. Of course I bring my video lights everywhere I go, but they can be mood killing in certain situations. It can also be troublesome to bring them everywhere throughout a wedding day.

However, at this styled shoot, Fabienne was teaches us lighting. Not in all situations, but many times good lighting for photo and video go hand in hand. Photography of course uses flash, and videography makes use of standing lights. The direction for lighting makes a great difference in the end result for photography and videography.

Fabie was demonstrating how important backlighting is. Honestly, most of the time I'm focused on lighting my subject as much as I can from the front because video in low-light situations often losses quality quickly. I definitely loved how she was using the backlighting to show off texture and lines. I think she's made me a believer in just how beautiful artificial lighting can be. We don't always have the time or space to set up everything we want, but I look forward to incorporating the basic techniques she's mastered into my own work. I would love to feel more comfortable in low-light situations then in natural light.

Jessah and I look forward to working more with these other talented vendors. It is always appreciated when venues allow us to use their spaces. Teamwork for the dreamwork yet again.

Host: @photographybyfabienne

Photographer: @jessah.and.jason

Planning + Design: @flawlesseventsbya

Venue: @theshoreclubnj

Hair Stylist: @thebride_squad

MUA: @beautyby_sammic

Model: @jessipedre

Dresses: @lolasnj @jovanibridal @jovanifashions

Music: @neffex


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