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Wayne UNICO Annual Car Show 2021, NJ

I had a blast filming at this local car show in Wayne NJ. Too many cars to capture, but I tried to capture as much as I could. Friendly people and a sunshiny day was all I needed to get inspired. Watch the highlights of this car show hosted by Wayne UNICO, who support causes and community services in and around the township of Wayne, New Jersey!

Cars have always been a huge passion for me, and anyone that knows me from way back, knows about my notorious Nissan Sentra (first car). Most of the car scene I worked with was from the 1990s and up. Today I ride a Mazda3, which has been my brand favorite for a while now. Although most of these cars featured are older than me, you have to respect the classics!

What a great day, and I definitely want to get more involved in donating my video skills to different organizations. I love video so much, I don't mind doing it for free!!! Video is a gift that I can share, and it would be a dream to continue blending my passion for video with my heart for others. I hope I get to give more using this gift soon!


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