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White Meadow Lake Country Club in Rockaway, NJ | Mackenzie and Miles's Wedding

This wedding at the White Meadow Lake Country Club in Rockaway, NJ was precious. Mackenzie and Miles had a unique idea to what they thought was important on their day. Both of them travel overseas and are avid supporters of Ukraine. Throughout their video you can see the importance of other countries to them.

It was a bright sunny day, but the view on the water was lovely. We saw a couple people in little row boats, and I might add I was pretty jealous at that moment. We spent a good amount of time outside, and the White Meadow Lake Country Club has a lot to offer in personality.

After a lovely ceremony, we took lots of pictures with friends and family. There were many servicemen there that Miles knew and served with. During the reception there was a good amount to say about the experiences between each other. There was not only love between Mackenzie and Miles, but between them and all their friends. Definitely not enough time to show it all in a video.


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