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NYC skyline in Jersey City, NJ Engagement Session | Dally and Rachel

Dally and Rachel grew up in Jersey City, NJ. When we spoke to them about an engagement session, they were positive they wanted it to be in the place that means so much, and has been such a big part, of both their lives.

We were blessed with a beautiful day. We walked around a lot of the streets in Jersey City, and made our way to a small ice cream shop. The smell of warm waffles set the tone for this place!

Dally and Rachel were so fun together, and we ended our NJ engagement session with the view of the NYC skyline in Jersey City. It was beautiful with a red sky I think I've only seen a few times in my life. We were having so much fun together, the four of us went to dinner. Dally and Rachel treated us, which we appreciate greatly. We are looking forward to being at, and shooting their wedding!

Love was there, was it perfect? You'll just have to watch the video.


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