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Sayen House and Gardens in Hamilton Square, NJ Engagement Session | Veronica and Patrick

Our time with Veronica and Patrick was breath taking. We were at Sayen House and Gardens in Hamilton Square, NJ for this engagement session. We had a tad cold overcast day, that gave us great lighting. It was crowded! So many people were there enjoying the gardens, and also many other couples were on their on shoots.

Veronica and Patrick even brought their dog Jasper, and we had a blast altogether! Thankfully her sister came with them to help with Jasper. She truly is a maid of honor there to support her sister in this happy time!

Jasper showed off some tricks during the day, and Veronica and Patrick showed off their love. This couple was all laughs and smiles, and they were a fun time for sure! We can't wait for this wedding, especially after editing this session!

Love was there, was it perfect? You'll just have to watch the video.


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